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You will earn an initial rate of 15% commission from the Solarbet Affiliate Program. The more real players & revenue you generate, the higher you will earn! You will be paid a recurring profit from your players monthly as long as their gaming activity meets as follows:

Member Net Loss (Net Revenue SGD) Monthly Active Players Commission Rate
1 - 10,000 1 - 5 Players 15%
10,001 - 50,000 6 - 15 Players 20%
50,001 - 100,000 16 - 30 Players 25%
100,001 and above >30 Players 30%

Affiliate Commission Calculation

Net Revenue = Gross Revenue - Bonuses - Transaction & Royalty Fees
Commission = Net Revenue x Commission Rate

Solarbet will provide monthly reports in order for you to see your referred players’ performance as we move along with our partnership.


Get in touch with our Affiliate Manager

Please feel free to contact us, we'll be glad to help!




The Solarbet Affiliate Program is a partnership Program where in you can earn commissions by referring players to our brand. Your commissions will be based on how many players you refer and how much their monthly losses are.

To become an affiliate of Solarbet, all you need to do is fill out the form on our Affiliate Registration section to apply yourself on our list of Affiliate candidates. After completing the form, you will be contacted within three (3) working days regarding your application.

It is not required to have a website to join our Affiliates Program but it will be an advatage on our affiliate candiate selection if you have your own PAGE/WEBSITE/BLOG/FORUM. To those affiliate who do not have these, we will provide them a specific link to be used in referring players.

You don't need to pay any fees to become a Solarbet affiliate, It's FREE!

You will have to refer players to Solarbet either via your website or thru the links that we provided. You should have at least 1 active referred players before you can receive a payout. Your commission will be based on your commission level.

Having multiple websites or promotion channels are allowed. If you have more than one (1) website or promotion channels, it will be synchronized on your single account. Your Agent code will be shared on your multiple media channels.


You need to have at least referred 1 active player to be eligible. Your commission will be based on your referred player's net loss for the month.

Your commission calculation is based on your referred player's (Gross Loss - Total Cost)* Commission Rate %). Total cost includes bonuses given, transaction fees, and royalty fees.

You will receive your commission every first seven (7) working days of the month.

Your commission can be transferred either to your bank account or Solarbet member account.

To increase your commission percentage, you need to have a certain amount of referred players and your referred players must accrue a specific amount of net loss for the month. Our affiliate team will then level up your account based on your performance. 

No, you cannot earn commissions on your own account. If you create an account and you referred it, your account will be terminated and we will be forced to suspend your affiliate account.

Yes, negative balances will carry over from the previous month to the current month. Your referred players must incur positive revenues to counter these negative balances to make a comeback and for you to get paid.


Please contact our Affiliate Manager for any changes in your account information.

Please contact our Affiliate Manager to request password reset.

You can be rest assured that your personal information is secure with Solarbet. We do not sell or rent your contact information to any third parties out there.

Our Affiliate Manager will be providing you weekly & monthly reports in order for you to see your referred players’ performance.

You cannot have more than one affiliate account, nor shall you be allowed to earn any commissions on your own or through any third party related groups.

You can contact our customer support if you want to change your currency preference.


We use a specific URL combined with your affiliate ID. This is the tracking link that we give you so we can trace the players that were joining either from your website or promotional campaigns.

Once your affiliate registration is accepted and approved, our Affiliate Manager will provide you the tracking links, banners, and other marketing materials you will need in acquiring potential members.

Once you become our affiliate, you can already access our wide variety of promotions and other marketing paraphernalias. You are encouraged to use our banners as long you don't alter any of it without obtaining prior legitimate written permission from Solarbet.

Solarbet does not tolerate any affiliate who engages in spamming activities. If an affiliate was found to be engaging in such activities using Solarbet, their account will be closed immediately and any unheld payments will be forfeited due to the violation of Solarbet's T&C.

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